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We All Learn Together is a site for facilitating community learning initiatives in Manchester. It has come out of the Learning Skills and Employment Network (LSEN), which has been in operation since 2001. Unfortunately, due to funding shortages, LSEN has had to close (in July 2013). However, it is intended that some of its functions and activity can be maintained – and this website may be used for that purpose. We hope to develop the site over the coming months – if you have any ideas for how to do so, or on maintaining or developing LSEN’s activity, please get in touch via this website, or email Walt at

Background info

LSEN had three main objectives:

  • Connecting Third Sector learning providers with each other and with public and private sector providers.
  • Providing a voice for Third Sector learning providers locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Improving performance and building capacity of Third Sector learning providers.

LSEN has been involved in many initiatives, such as coordinating Adult Learners Week in Manchester and the North West. Over the last year, LSEN has been active in developing a Community Learning strategy for Manchester, developing Open Badges, and exploring a model for community conversations and engagement, known as dynamic facilitation, or ‘Wisdom Councils’. For further details on this work, see


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  1. trine / Jul 19 2013 12:47 pm

    What would be a loss.. worth thinking about this… How to preserve the learning and developments which LSEN enabled,, Its would be a loss to loose those and the threads of connection which those commerced over time. They are assets and values of community building process and a foundation for futures

    Worth considering.

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